About the Confucius Institute

The NSU CI provides educational opportunities about China at NSU, in the Aberdeen community, and across the state of South Dakota to attract, engage, and empower students of all ages. The NSU CI also supports student and faculty exchanges, promotes academic research, and facilitates cooperation between NSU and the University of Jinan.
Established in April 2015, the NSU Confucius Institute is a three-way educational and service partnership between Northern State University, the University of Jinan in Jinan, China, and the Office of Chinese Language Council International in Beijing. As the only comprehensive source of Chinese language classes and educational programming on China in the region, the NSU CI prepares South Dakotans with the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions for active engagement with China and success as thriving and responsible global citizens.

Our Programs

The NSU CI’s core offering is university-level instruction in Mandarin Chinese, both on campus and online, as well as K-12 courses offered through local schools. The NSU CI supplements language learning with campus and community programs in art, music, food, sports, literature, and many other topics.


Oversight of the NSU Confucius Institute is performed by a board of directors chaired by the president of NSU. The board is comprised of academic affairs administrators from both NSU and the University of Jinan.

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Or email us at confucius@northern.edu.

Library Culture Center
Culture Center
The Chinese Culture Center is on the main floor, west end of Beulah Williams Library on the NSU campus.
Planning to travel to China? Browse through our collection of books about the major cities. Love Chinese cuisine? Check out a cookbook. Interested in Chinese novels, folklore, poetry, history, philosophy, religion and politics? We have a wide range of volumes on these and many other topics. The Chinese Culture Center offers visitors and borrowers a collection of more than 1,400 books on a range of topics and in a variety of languages, with new volumes scheduled to arrive each year. Here, you'll learn more about China through the Interactive Chinese Culture Learning Exhibit - a display of artifacts, traditional Chinese instruments and costumes of the Miao, a Chinese ethnic group. Spend some time with us, and bring a friend. Watch for updates and a calendar of events on Facebook.