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Summer in China Program
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South Dakota High School Students
Aberdeen Central High School Students
  • Take Chinese 1 and II face-to-face at CHS
  • Offered Block 2 by expert language instructor Ms. Cyndi Jiang
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Continuing Education
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Course Descriptions

Not all courses are available at all times. Please see the NSU Catalog Course Descriptions (scroll down to "Chinese") for current offerings.

Introductory Chinese I (CHIN 101) 4 credits

Students in this course develop skills in everyday spoken Chinese. Emphasis is on correct pronunciation, listening skills and fluency.

Introductory Chinese II (CHIN 102) 4 credits

This course introduces 200 new Chinese characters to students, who will continue to improve pronunciation, listening and fluency in Chinese.

Intermediate Chinese I (CHIN 201) 3 credits

Students in this course review basic sentence patterns and continue to develop Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, and will be introduced to 200-300 more Chinese characters.

Intermediate Chinese II (CHIN 202) 3 credits

This course is a continuation of Intermediate Chinese I, with the introduction of an additional 200-300 Chinese characters.

Conversational Chinese (CHIN 311) 3 credits

Students in this course will improve oral communication in Chinese. Also introduced are selected readings on a variety of topics, used as a basis for conversational practice in the classroom.

Chinese Grammar and Sentence Structure (CHIN 312) 3 credits

Students learn basic grammar and sentence structure necessary to correctly speak, read and write Chinese. High-frequency vocabulary words are introduced to serve as a foundation for effective communication.

Introduction to Business Chinese (CHIN 350) 3 credits

Students will learn the language of business and economics in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Instruction includes commercial terminology, business forms and office correspondence.

Chinese Literature (CHIN 353) 3 credits

Students in this course examine readings representing highlights of Chinese literature from its earliest period to the present. Cultural, historical and philosophical backgrounds are emphasized.