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If you have the drive to excel academically and connect socially, you should strongly consider NSU’s Honors Program. The Honors Program provides academically talented and highly motivated students opportunities to excel in the classroom, as campus leaders in clubs and organizations, and in undergraduate research.

In the classroom, you’ll take honors-only general education classes taught by an outstanding group of faculty members.   Outside the classroom, you’ll be surrounded by a supportive network that encourages you to reach your full potential.  Think about the advantages of Honors:

  • Academic and career advising from the Honors director
  • Live in an Honors residence hall community
  • Relax or study in the Honors Lounge
  • Present undergraduate research at national and regional Honors conferences
  • Attend honors social events
  • Network on campus and in the Aberdeen community
  • Study abroad
  • Explore internship opportunities

​The Northern State University Honors Program admits 50 students each academic year. Students can be admitted to the program three ways:

  • First-year and transfer students with ACT scores of 27 or above (and the equivalent) are automatically admitted to the NSU Honors Program with completion of an application.
  • Students with ACT scores of 24-26 who rank in the top 25% of their high school graduation class are encouraged to apply to the NSU Honors Program.
  • Northern State University students who have completed 24 credits of coursework and who have a GPA (including transfer credits) of 3.5 or above are invited to apply to the NSU Honors Program.

The NSU Honors Program works with every major. For more information about how to complete the Honors Program with your major, contact Dr. Erin Fouberg or the faculty member who represents your program:



Graduating in honoribus
  • 18 credit hours in Honors courses, including:
    • 3 credits in two Honors seminars
    • 9-12 credits in Honors general education courses
    • 0-3 credits in Honors contracted classes
    • 3 credits for an Honors thesis or project
  • Completion of an Honors thesis or project at an A or B level (as determined by the Honors thesis advisor)
  • 3.5 overall GPA

New freshmen and current Honors students will find more information and resources on myNSU.

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