Rising Scholars Resources

Rights and responsibilities

Rising Scholars students have all rights and responsibilities of NSU students. For more information, see the NSU Catalog and NSU Student Handbook.

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Disability Services

Individual high schools participating in the NSU Rising Scholars program are responsible for providing disability services required by students enrolled in Rising Scholars Courses. Students will need to follow their high school's disability services policy.

Cost and Payment

Students are responsible for paying tuition for Rising Scholar courses. Rising Scholars students pay $40 per credit hour ($120 for a 3-credit course and $160 for a 4-credit course). Tuition payments are due no later than published fall/spring census dates. Payments may be submitted via SDePay (electronic check or credit card) in a student's Self-Service Banner account, or mailed to NSU Admissions: 1200 S. Jay St., Aberdeen, S.D. 57401.

Students/high schools are responsible for textbook and lab costs.

Rising Scholars Program Evaluation

Participating students may provide feedback on the Rising Scholars courses and program. Student feedback is crucial to help ensure the program meets participating students' educational needs. When you receive the notification to participate in the evaluations below, please respond.

A student evaluation is completed for every course. The course evaluations are administered by participating high school administrators.