Rural Student Teaching Program

The Rural Student Teacher Project seeks to place the student teacher in a small, rural South Dakota school which might seldom have the opportunity to host student teachers.
In the Rural Student Teaching program, you'll experience life in a small town where the local school is a large part of the community. You'll be supervised through distance technology by university supervisors at Northern, and receive training and stipends from the E-learning Center to facilitate your move to the rural community.

Northern State University initiated the Rural Student Teaching Placement Program in the fall of 2002 to increase the numbers of student teachers in rural schools. The program was revamped in 2015 to coordinate placements in schools in Northeast South Dakota and promote opportunities for these schools to offer placements to student teachers - especially in areas of anticipated need.

Participating Schools

  • Bowdle
  • Britton
  • Castlewood
  • Chester
  • Clark
  • Doland
  • Edmunds Central
  • Elkton
  • Enemy Swim Day School
  • Eureka
  • Faulkton
  • Florence
  • Henry
  • Hitchcock-Tulare
  • Hoven
  • Kimball
  • Langford
  • Leola
  • McLaughlin
  • Milbank
  • Miller
  • Northwestern
  • Redfield
  • Sisseton
  • Smee
  • Summit
  • Timber Lake
  • Waubay
  • Webster
  • Wessington Springs
  • Wilmot
  • Wolsey-Wessington
  • Woonsocket
Secondary Education


  • A $1,000 stiped (full time experience) or $500 (half year experience);
  • Students utilize technology to collaborate with and receive supervision from their university supervisor and the Coordinator of Rural Field Experiences;
  • Schools are able to identify anticipated needs and students are then placed based upon those needs, allowing both the school and student to determine if the school/community might be a good long-term fit.