About the School of Fine Arts

Kenneth BoultonAs this past academic year draws to a close, I could not be more thrilled to be a part of this university and community, as we work toward cultivating a true center for the arts. This is an extraordinary time for the arts at Northern, with renovated state-of-the-art facilities, palpable faculty energy and a dynamic collaborative mission.


This past year saw a number of tremendous successes for our program, highlighted by substantially improved audience numbers and an exciting new partnership with South Dakota Public Broadcasting. That was only the beginning, however, as each succeeding month saw an impressive array of concerts, productions, exhibitions, festivals and prestigious individual achievements – all of which reaffirmed Northern’s deserved reputation as the premier arts destination in the upper Midwest.


I am proud of Northern’s commitment toward providing a superior education in the visual and performing arts, where students develop their talents, refine their passions, and ultimately become leaders in their chosen fields. We also succeed in creating an academic environment that encourages students to explore a multitude of artistic opportunities, wherever their talent leads them. Truly, our students do it all!


I hope you enjoy the chance to anticipate the exciting 2019-20 season and consider contributing to the School of Fine Arts’ growing base of support. As always, I look forward to sharing and celebrating our bright future with you.


Thank you so much for your support. If you're interested in supporting the arts, please call 605-626-2550.


Warm regards,

Dr. Kenneth O. Boulton

Dean, School of Fine Arts

Former Faculty

At Northern, talented faculty will inspire you to grow as an artist and excel in your chosen passion. Our school has a long and illustrious history of influence in the arts of the region.