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Isolation was a part of the daily lives of soldiers serving at Fort Wadsworth (now Fort Sisseton) in the 1860s. For the last year, as we have all endured the restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also experienced times of isolation.


For soldiers and officers at Fort Wadsworth in the 1860s, it was traveling groups that stopped at the fort on the prairie to provide music and entertainment that made them laugh and lift their spirits.


Now, almost 150 years later, we hope that the music and entertainment of our 2021 season will renew the spirits of our audiences as we emerge from our own levels of isolation. The Northern Fort Playhouse (NFP) Board is committed to taking protective measures to insure our guests will have a safe environment as they enjoy quality live theatre for three weekends in July in the South Barracks on the beautiful grounds of Fort Sisseton State Historical Park. Dedicated professionals from the Northern State University Theatre Department will present two different and delightful shows during the 2021 season.


Helping to make each performance successful is the NFP Board of Directors, a group of volunteers from a three-county area that are passionate about providing live theatre in northeastern South Dakota. Last summer, with the safety of our cast, crew, audience and volunteers in mind, the board made the very difficult decision to cancel the 2020 season because of the spread of the Coronavirus. We are extremely grateful to those who offered donations as part of the “2020 Extraordinary Regiment” to help us meet our annual financial obligations as we experienced the loss of income from ticket sales.


This year, your financial support is more important than ever. Donations at any level will help continue the tradition of summer theatre at Fort Sisseton for its 15th season in 2021. As a member of The Regiment Corp. you will be recognized in the program and on our website. Those at the “Captain” level and higher will also receive two complimentary tickets.


For more information, call 605-467-3247. Thank you for considering a partnership with us to support and grow this unique theatre experience at historical Fort Sisseton.


Sandi Jaspers, NFP Board President

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Support summer theatre and Northern Fort Playhouse! To become a sponsor, call 605-467-3247 during business hours or email


General ($1,000 or more)

Frank Farrar


Colonel ($500 - $999)

Horton Inc.

Hugh K. Schilling Jr.

Major ($300 - $499)

Ron R. Jarrett

Robin Moran

Captain ($200 - $299)

Great Plains Bank, Eden

Susan Wismer

Ken and Brenda Spence

Calvin and Vivian Hove

Lieutenant ($150 - $199)

Marge Rosin

RDO Equipment

Sergeant ($100 - $149)

Thomas P. Tonner

Roger and Sandra Gresh

Strand Theatre

Farmers Union Insurance

 Tom Farber Agency

Dave Hahler Automotive, Inc.

Scott’s Lumber

Meyer Hardware Hank

Dave and Sue Bankers

Terry and Sandi Jaspers

Carol Johns

Boomtown Enterprises-


Wayne and JoAnne Schlekewy

Jill Trebil

Bantz Gosch & Cremer, LLC

Corporal ($50 - $99)

Jirava Ventures - Larry and Susan Jirava


Cornwell Drug

Northland Auto Center

Sturdevant’s Auto Parts, Webster

Rodney and Betty Veflin

Emily Guhin

A & S Hardware Hank, Webster

Holland Brothers Oil

John and Jane Rasumussen

Duane and Jane Schneider

Allen and Jennifer Nolan

Norstar Federal Credit Union, Britton

Mark Wismer

Green Iron Equipment

Private ($25 - $49)

Brewhouse Boutique

Matt Amdahl / Pikes

Webster Auto Care

Day County TV & Appliance,


Mike and Mary Dunn

Karen Heidel

Jean Amacher / Dizzy Blondz

Marlene Seeklander


Britton Lions Club

Eden Lions Club

Club Eden

Mavis Jones, Britton

Horton, Inc., Britton

Frank Farrar/First Savings Banks, Britton

Craig and Gail Eichstadt

Cutting Edgz

KA & Sally Squire

Northern Lights Inn, Britton

Spencer & Kathy Gross, Mitchell, in memory of Grandpa Henry Janisch (Fort Sisseton stable boy)

Sisseton Arts Council

Quality Quick Print, Aberdeen

Rapid Precision Manufacturing, Britton

Mark Wismer and Caroline Furman, Britton

Teal’s Market

Prins Cattle Inc., Sisseton

Happy Harry's Bottle Shops, Fargo

2020 Extraordinary Regiment

Colonel ($500-999)

Horton Inc.

Ka and Sally Squire

Major ($300 - $499)

Ronald R. Jarrett

Mark Wismer and Carolyn Furman

Robin Moran

Captain ($200 - $299)

Ken and Brenda Spence

Carol Johns / The Church Mouse

Frank Farrar / Beresford


Brampton Farm Services, LLC

Calvin and Vivan Hove

Susan Wismer

Jo Schlekewy

Lieutenant ($150 - $199)

Christopher and Laura Haar

Mavis Jones

Todd and Angie Garry

Rodney and Betty Veflin

Sergeant ($100 - $149)

Jill Trebil

Mike and Mary Dunn

Tim Lipetzky

David and Sue Bankers

Dan and Anita Brudos

Susan Bates Johnson

JHK Consulting /

 Jennifer Healy Keintz

Harvey and Linda Aman

Terry and Sandi Jaspers

Britton Lions Club

Spencer and Kathy Gross

Corporal ($50 - $99)

Kim Burger

John and Deborah Rieck

Craig and Jenny Lingren

Duane and Jane Schneider

Monte and Joann Troske

Doug and Connie Leschisin

Emily Guhin

Arlene and Wes Elliot

Doug and Junia Meyer

Richard and Sharlene Anderson

Matt and Laura Hubers

Becky Pribyl

Private ($25 - $49)

Scott and Kara Dennert

Elaine O’Brien

Vollie Ann Williams

Scott Kram

Herschell and Bea Premack

Chan Benda

John Vander Hoek

Paul and Faye Symens

Anita Patterson

Farmers Union Insurance

 Tom Farber Agency

Dennis and Marion Hartung