The Office of Assessment serves students' specific testing needs and supports NSU departments, schools, and colleges. Learn below about ACCUPLACER and senior exit examinations. For information on all tests for which Northern offers information or assistance, visit Testing. If you have questions, contact the Office of Assessment at 626-3290 or stop by Graham Hall 105.

NSU students also can check myNSU for specific information.


Senior Exit Exam

Each school and college at Northern is in charge of its own exit exam testing, coordinated by the assessment director. All ETS Major Field tests are given online.
All baccalaureate candidates must complete the appropriate exit exam(s) in their major field(s) of study. Testing should take place in the student's final semester to ensure that relevant material covered on the test will have been covered in coursework. In the event of internship or other conflict with testing in the final semester, with appropriate approvals, it may be possible to arrange to test in the semester prior to the final semester before graduation.
If you have more than one major, a good strategy is to take one exit exam per semester up to and including the semester in which you graduate - that is, if those additional majors require you to take different exit exams.
If you have applied for graduation but don't take the required exit exam(s), your application for graduation will be cancelled and you will need to reapply the following semester.


ACCUPLACER Placement Exam

All students must have current ACT scores and/or ACCUPLACER scores for placement into English, reading, and mathematics courses. It is recommended that these be taken before initial registration.

Students who take the ACCUPLACER tests(s) but are not enrolling at NSU or another South Dakota Board of Regents institution will be charged in accordance with the current mandatory fee structure.

Students may challenge their initial placement by taking the ACCUPLACER placement test one time at the mandated fee.

Placement Table (for placement scores)