Business Pitch Competition

This is your opportunity to tell your story. Whether you have a business idea, product, service, app, or non-profit idea, this competition is for you!
Remember, this can be just an idea - you don't need a full business plan. This competition is open all Northern undergraduate students. No entrepreneurial or business experience is necessary. Aspiring entrepreneurs will have the unique opportunity to win prizes while receiving valuable insight from successful business people.


To participate, you must be a current Northern State University student. You may enter and compete solo or in teams.


The preliminary judging panel will consist of Northern staff/faculty from multiple schools and departments. Semi-finalists will be partnered with a faculty member on campus to help make your pitch amazing! Semi-finalists must participate in the Final Business Pitch Competition. Preliminary judging will be based on:
  • Clarity of your concept€
  • Creativeness of your solution to problem/opportunity

Final judging will be based on:

  • The compelling case that you have made that this idea has merit€
  • Presentation of a reasoned thought process, etc.
  • The creativity of the idea €
  • The presentation
Final Business Pitch Competition
Finalists will have five minutes to give their pitch, followed by questioning from the judges. Judges will be local business people, including business owners, potential investors, and representatives from development centers.
Awards Ceremony
The winner will be announced and prizes awarded at the Mocktail Party and Awards Ceremony in the Lincoln Gallery.
How to Create Your Pitch
Make Your Pitch Amazing!

€‹For the video pitch (and your chance to make it to the Final Business Pitch), your job is to excite the judges about your idea!

Be sure to answer the following questions:

  1. What is your business, product or service idea and how does the solve a problem or opportunity?
  2. Who is your target market(s)?
  3. What resources will you need to make this idea come to life?
  4. What is your competitive advantage?
Don€™'t focus on the quality of the video; focus on selling your idea! Keep it fun and short €¦ 1-3 minutes max! Again, the quality of the video itself will not be judged. It€™s the content that counts.
Submit Your Idea
You'll need to include:
  • Name€
  • Team name (if applicable)€
  • Primary contact email€
  • Primary contact phone number€
  • Major
  • Name of business, product, service idea€
  • Brief description (less than 25 words)
  • Link to your video