Campus Construction Update: 05-24-22

Construction Update Graphic

NSU Facilities Manager Monte Mehlhoff has issued the first construction update of summer 2022.​


ESCO Energy Project

We are entering into an energy savings project with an ESCO company, which stands for Energy Service Company – they have identified roughly $1.5 million worth of energy savings projects.

NSU will receive a 15-year interest-free loan from the state of South Dakota. This loan will be paid back with the energy savings from the updates a very exciting project that will improve our facilities greatly. 

You will see more LED light upgrades and many other upgrades to building controls and Heating Plant upgrades, which will not be as noticeable, but still produce energy savings for years to come.  

The savings is guaranteed by the ESCO Company (Site Logic) – if we do not get guaranteed savings yearly, they pay the difference on the loan.  


Avera Student Center

  • You will see in the Avera Student Center this summer:
  • New carpet throughout 75 percent of building
  • Five new fireplaces to replace existing
  • Mall windows will get tinted application for cooling effect


HVAC Upgrades

We are currently completing:

  • Library HVAC upgrade
  • Dacotah Hall HVAC upgrade
  • Barnett Center HVAC upgrade 



  • The southeast entrance of the Barnett Center is being completed with new doors and sloped glass at entrance.
  • This summer we will replace four sectionalizing switches on campus and install new flat roof on a portion of the library.


Summer 2023 

Approved projects for summer 2023 include:

  • New roof and windows for Graham Hall
  • New chiller for MJ and Tech Center (major project) 
  • Installation of flat roof corners on Spafford Hall.