Children of NSU Alumni Legacy Award

Children of Northern State University alumni may qualify to pay in-state tuition for their undergraduate degree.
It's easy to qualify for this Children of Alumni program:
- The program is for incoming freshman or transfer students who currently reside in a state other than South Dakota. Students qualify for the in-state tuition rate if one of their parents or legal guardian received a degree from Northern State University.
- Students must have a minimum ACT composite of 20 to qualify for the Children Of Alumni tuition rate.
- Once students meet the requirements for admission, their tuition rate will be set at the resident rate rather than the non-resident rate, making a college degree from Northern State University even more affordable.
Want more information? We'd love to hear from you! Call or email the Northern State University Admissions Office at 800-678-5330 or to determine whether you qualify for the Children of Alumni tuition rate.