Alyssa Kiesow

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Alyssa Kiesow
Science Center 119, Technology Center 359

Dean of College of Arts and Sciences, Director of Grants and Sponsored Projects

Ph.D. University of South Dakota
M.S. South Dakota State University
B.S. South Dakota State University
A.A. Winona State University
Dr. Alyssa Kiesow joined Northern’s faculty in August 2007. Born in Little Falls, Minn., and raised in St. Cloud, Minn., she serves as interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, assists with sponsored grants and research, and serves on the South Dakota Academy of Science Executive Committee. She received multiple degrees from state institutions. Dr. Kiesow earned her Ph.D. in biological sciences with a research focus in genetics from the University of South Dakota.
Research Interests
Dr. Kiesow's primary research interests range from genetic structure of animal populations to epigenetics of developing embryos. Recent research focuses on the effects of various toxins on embryonic development in sea stars, sea urchins, and Xenopus laevis.
Courses Taught
Developmental Biology
Selected Publications
*Denotes undergraduate student research
Surovek, A., Rowland, P., A. M. Kiesow, M. Redlin, M. Emery, C. Anderson, and A. Liebl.  Exp. Summer 2020.  A statewide policy driven approach to gender equity.  Accepted April 2020.  (American Society for Engineering Education).
*Keryakos, J., *A. VanOosbree, and A. M. Kiesow.  2019.  The association of TAS1R2 to dental and cardiovascular health.  American Journal of Undergraduate Research 16: 47-54.
Kiesow, A. M., and H. B. Britten.  2018.  Comparison of northern flying and red squirrel phylogenies with focus on the insular United States.  Prairie Naturalist 50: 59-69.
*Van Oosbree, A., and A. M. Kiesow. 2017. Phenotypic effects of probiotics on Xenopus laevis development. Journal of Student Research 6: 14-20.
*Kiesow, A. M., and A. Premo. Characterization and isolation of microsatellite loci for false map turtles. American Midland Naturalist 177: 327-332.
Kiesow, A. M., E. M. Monroe, and H. B. Britten. 2012. Genetic Structure of the arboreal squirrel species (Glaucomys sabrinus and Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) in the North American Black Hills. Canadian Journal of Zoology 90: 1191-1200.
Kiesow, A. M., T. Kasmarik, and R. Binstock. 2011. Detection of domestic cattle gene introgression in a small population of North American bison. Proceedings of South Dakota Academy of Science 90: 79 – 85.
Kiesow, A. M., L. E. Wallace, and H. B. Britten. 2011. Characterization and isolation of microsatellite loci for northern flying squirrels (Glaucomys sabrinus). Western North American Naturalist 71: 553–556.
Kiesow, A. M, and J. A. Kiesow. 2010. Bat census in riparian areas along the Missouri River in central South Dakota, 2003 – 2005. Prairie Naturalist 66 – 67.
*Viall, E., C. R. Fellbaum, and A. M. Kiesow. 2009. Distinguishing between G. volans and G. sabrinus using microsatellite analyses. Proceedings of South Dakota Academy of Science 88: 119 – 126.