Greg Francom

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Gregory Francom
Gerber 151

Associate Professor of E-Learning

School of Education
School of Education
Teacher Education
Elementary Education
Secondary Education
Educational Studies (MSEd)

Ph.D., The University of Georgia

M.S., Utah State University

B.A., Brigham Young University

Dr. Gregory M. Francom joined NSU in 2011. His primary responsibilities include preparing pre-service and in-service K-12 teachers to effectively integrate technology into teaching and learning experiences. Dr. Francom has served as mentor for several new faculty members, and has been involved in NSU's iPad initiative for School of Education faculty, the NSU Graduate Council, and Faculty Travel and Sabbatical Committee.
Research Interests
Task-centered learning
Educational technology
Online learning
Selected Research Projects
Enhancing Reading Comprehension with Student-Centered iPad Applications - A service-learning experience for teacher candidates recently completed in a fifth-grade classroom
Technologies Available and Student-Centered Learning in Large and Small School Districts - A study of educational technology in South Dakota schools
Barriers to Technology use in Large and Small School Districts - A study of educational technology barriers in South Dakota schools
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