Pamela Monaghan-Geernaert

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Pamela Monaghan-Geernaert professor
Technology Center 361

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 2002

M.A., Idaho State University, 1993

B.A., University of Calgary, 1989


Dr. Pamela Monaghan-Geerneart has been a member of the faculty in the department of history and social sciences at Northern State University since the fall of 2019.  Her current research includes examining  culturally appropriate delivery of health care services, increasing Native American student retention, and best practices in the scholarship of teaching.


Courses Taught 

SOC 100 – Introduction to Sociology 

Soc 261 – Human Sexuality 

Soc 423 – Social Stratification 

Soc 491 – Medical Sociology 

Soc 350 – Race and Ethnic Relations 

INDG 404 – Contemporary Issues in Native and Indigenous Communities 

INED 411/511 – South Dakota Indian Studies 


Research Interests 

Home health care 

Culturally congruent health care 

Health care access 

Native American student retention 

Higher education pedagogy 


Recent Publications 

Monaghan-Geernaert, P.G. ( in press) Home health care – Paid Family or something else.  In Advances in Gender Research. Demos and Segal Ed.  Emerald Press.  

Monaghan-Geernaert, P.G. ( 2019) Flipping the Classroom to Teach the Evaluation of Research Articles and the Development of Scientific Literacy Journal of Instructional Research Vol 8 (1) 62-70. 2019

Monaghan- Geernaert, P.G. Teaching in Times of Crisis. Newsletter Article: in Teaching and Learning Sociology, American Sociological Association. Spring, 2019