Wendy Wakefield

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Wendy Wakefield
Office Gerber Building Room 137

Assistant Professor of Elementary Education

Ph.D. Learning, Literacies, and Technologies, Arizona State University, 2021 

M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction: Emphasis in English as a Second Language, Utah Valley University, 2010 

B.S. Elementary Education, Brigham Young University, 2001  


Dr. Wendy Wakefield joined the NSU School of Education faculty in 2021. She specializes in preparing NSU teacher candidates to implement science and engineering instruction and to integrate assessment in meaningful, engaging, and inclusive ways in their future classrooms. She also focuses on designing teacher education and professional development opportunities that foster agency, identity, and success across teachers’ careers.  


Dr. Wakefield was an elementary school classroom teacher for 14 years. She then spent two years working with student teachers, interns, and new teachers at an elementary school before returning to school to become a professor of teacher education. She now enjoys supporting and preparing teacher candidates and teachers in Northern's masters’ degree programs to be successful in their own classrooms. 


Research Interests

Teacher education for teacher candidates and in-service teachers

Science, engineering, and sustainability education

Accessible, responsive instruction for all learners



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