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Kenneth Boulton

As we enter the 2022-23 academic year, I want to thank you so much for your support of our program. NSU’s School of Fine Arts enjoys a much-deserved reputation as the premier arts destination in our region. This is reflected in the community’s deep sense of pride in our accomplishments, as well as a tradition of achievement from our faculty and students. Additionally, we embrace the arts as a source of resilience, optimism, expression, and connection.

This year, we are excited to offer an enhanced giving opportunity for you to create an enduring impact on our programmatic excellence, transformational initiatives, and student enrichment. By becoming a “Sponsor,” you will be able to direct a portion of your gift towards establishing a new named scholarship and defining the scholarship criteria. Another option will enable you to sponsor a School of Fine Arts event of your choice for the 2022-23 season and receive acknowledgement in all marketing and program materials.

I am proud of NSU’s commitment to providing a superior education in the visual and performing arts, where students develop their talents, refine their passions, and ultimately become leaders in their chosen fields. We also succeed in creating an academic environment that encourages students to explore a multitude of artistic opportunities, wherever their talents lead them. Truly, our students do it all!

As you peruse this booklet, I hope you enjoy the chance to look back on the past year, preview the exciting 2022-23 season, and consider contributing to the School of Fine Arts’ growing base of support.  As always, I look forward to sharing and celebrating our bright future with you.

Warm regards,

Dr. Kenneth O. Boulton

Dean, School of Fine Arts

Friends of the Arts/NSU Members

We are grateful for the following supporters of the Friends of the Arts/NSU membership group.  Their generosity benefits the educational and programmatic resources available to the entire NSU School of Fine Arts.

Benefactor Level

Aberdeen American News

Bethany and Levi Andrist

James and Donna Boekelheide

Kenneth Boulton and JoAnne Barry

Skip and Betty Clay

Timothy and Mary Downs

Jean and Paul Dutt

Wesley and Arlene Elliott

Wayne and Donna Fischer

Robert and Erin Fouberg

Rodney and Glenna Fouberg

Justin and Megan Fraase

Kelli and Dylan Fritz

Erin and David Giovannini

Charles and Wendy Gugel

Howard Memorial Fund

Ronald Jarrett

Harvey and Cynthia Jewett

Alan LaFave

Brenda and Alan Lanphere

Molded Fiber Glass Foundation

Joelle Lien and Dan Rieck

Gail Pickus

Bernice and Herschel Premack

Carlyle and Sheila Richards

James Seeber and Marilyn Bailey

Leon and Virginia Tobin

Rolf Olson and Anne Waltner

Michael and Martha Wanous

Curt and Susan Wischmeier

Roger and Karen Youngman


Patron Level

Linda and Harvey Aman

Jim and Vicki Lust

Jon and Betsy Olson

Kathleen Webb

Robert and Lorene Webb

William and Mary Ann Wieland

Friend Level

Connie Eitzen

Mark and Holly Engelhart

Donald and Linda Erlenbusch

Kevin and Rita Gildner

Jon and Carla Hoffman

Richard and Wende Lewis

Gregg and Barbara Magera

Gail and Robert O'Brien

Michael and Karen Opp

Michael and Mary Schuh

Christopher Stanichar

Roy Wise

James and Eileen Zimmerman

Donor Level

Bailee Albrecht

Charles and Cheryl Aldentaler

Stacy and Cary Bauer

Carole Blaede

Annalee Boulton

Dennis and Catherine Bresee

Renee Brooks

Phyllis Cogswell

Kathryn W. and Terrence Cormier

Rosemary Des Camps

Derek Decker

Kelly Duncan

Raymond Ernster

Marla Fogderud

Anika Fredrick

Amy E. Frink

Jerome Goddard

Emily Guhin

Duane and Annette Helgelien

Donald and Donna Hess

A. John Holstad

Dianne Holt

Diane Hoines

Corinne A. Jameson

Barbara Johnson

Carol Johnson

Sonia Jordre

Tracy and Mike Jurgens

Lawrence and Margie Kampa

Susan and Jason Karels

Sonya and Karlon Kempf

Peter Kilian

Patty Kirkpatrick

Arnold Krueger

Shirley Lacher

Joyce and Merwyn Larson

Kymberly and Larry Lebeda

Janet Locke and Terrance Riley

Cherry Luitjens

David and Marlene Knigge

Grant Manhart

Frank and Lynn Mason

Michael and Cheryl McIntyre

Carmen Meyer

Audrey Miller

Charlene and Pete Miller

Marla and Rodney Mosiman

Arlin and Karine Myrmoe

Roger and Nila Novotny

Boyd Obermeyer

Janis Pearson

Stephen and Cec Peters

Ronald and Rebecca Prasek

Tobias and Lois Rath

Eldon and Donna Reich

Daryl and Barbara Rieck

Kenneth and Clara Roerig

Cheryl and Neil Schaar

Cynthia R. Schick

Carla Sims

Brad and Brigid Tennant

Thomas and Julie Tonner

Kristi and Terence Vensand-Hall

Ryan and Jessica Vogel

Donald and Judy Voss

Kelly and James Weaver

Paul and Barbara Weidenbach

Robert and Rhonda Westman

Timothy and Amy Woods

Carol and Robert Wuertz

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