Multicultural Student Affairs

Northern is home to a rich cultural community that brings together people from diverse backgrounds in a mutually respectful environment.
Multicultural Student Affairs hosts special events and educational opportunities that give you a chance to meet people and experience new cultures and ways of life.

Northern is home to students from dozens of states and many different countries. Clubs and activities outside of the classroom offer a diverse learning opportunity and the chance to express a variety of points of view in a mutually respectful environment. Be yourself AND be part of a larger cultural community at Northern!

Multicultural Student Affairs provides mentoring, advising, and programming services.



Cultural and Ethnic Organizations


Chinese Student Association

The association promotes the culture of China by hosting events throughout the year. It serves as a community for new Chinese students and fosters friendship between students from all the corners of the world. Everyone is welcome to join the Chinese Student Association and participate in the Chinese New Year and the Moon Festival celebrations.


German Club

German Club gives students a chance to enjoy German culture, language and heritage. Even if you can't say anything beyond "Gesundheit," you are welcome to join German Club! Lots of students from the region have German ancestry, and enjoying that - especially the food - is a big part of our mission! German Club holds its weekly Stammtisch at noon every Wednesday in the Student Center.


International Student Association

The ISC fosters community, friendship and cultural awareness by offering many opportunities for all students to meet and learn about each other, their backgrounds and their countries. The club helps with the organization of Culturefest, International Golden Globes Awards, Homecoming Parade international entry and more. Membership is open to all students interested in knowing more about the world and making lasting friendships.


Japanese Student Association

The JSA provides opportunities to make new friends and gain a deeper knowledge of Japan and the customs of its people. Everyone can become a member or join the activities organized by the association. JSA organizes movie nights and food events and hosts a booth at Culturefest. 


Korean Student Association

The KSA has the goal of making Korean and non-Korean students' experience at Northern a memorable one. The organization supports three groups: NANTA (drums), Impact (K pop dance) and Woori (Korean language lessons). All students are invited to join the association and participate in events as well as the the drum and dance groups.  


Native American Student Association

NASA's mission is to assist with activities intended to meet social, educational, and cultural needs of Native Americans attending Northern. The club promotes sharing of cultural and educational information with Northern and the community of Aberdeen, with the goal of open and positive communications.

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