NSU Spring Commencement set for Saturday, May 8

Once a Wolf always a Wolf on a graduate cap

ABERDEEN, S.D. – On Saturday, May 8, 227 students will graduate from Northern State University at its 2021 spring commencement.

The ceremony begins at 10 a.m. in the NSU Barnett Center. Delivering the commencement address will be 2021 Distinguished Alumnus Joe Senger, vice chairman of Dacotah Bank, who graduated from Northern in 1972.

Each participating graduate will receive four tickets for family and friends to attend. Masks will be required per S.D. Board of Regents policy, and attendees will be appropriately spaced throughout the Barnett Center.

To accommodate graduates with more than four guests, alternate viewing sites will be made available on campus in the Johnson Fine Arts Center, and commencement will be live-streamed.

For loved ones unable to attend, the ceremony will be live streamed through the Northern State University Facebook page, the NSU Graduation and Commencement page, and locally through cable channel 12.

A list of graduates is below, grouped alphabetically by city and state:



Chandler Whittaker, Anchorage (B.A. English)



Mason Shaw Stark, Chandler (B.S. Accounting)***



Andrew Vaughn, Hemet (Master of Music Education)

Paola Aguayo, Murrieta (B.S. Psychology)     

Shianne Rosselli, Riverside (M.S.Ed. Educational Studies)    

Antonio Frazier, San Pedro (B.A. Communication Studies)

Stephany Estrada, Valencia (B.S. Human Performance)       

Donovan Miller, Winchester (B.S. Marketing; Management Information Systems)



Chanel Siebenthal, Lakewood (B.S. Chemistry)*       



Tori Collesso, Fort Lauderdale (B.S. Management)*



Griffin Osing, Blakesburg (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Avery Terwilliger, Humboldt (B.S. Business Administration)

Sierra Reed-Quongsing, Rock Rapids (B.A. English)

Blake Wendt, Spirit Lake (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)



Annie Walsh, Lockport (M.S. Accounting Analytics) 



Alyssa Newbill, Fort Wayne



Kendall Ella Kohler, Alexandria (B.S.Ed. Physical Education)**         

Maura Chadwick, Bemidji (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)     

Sara Krebsbach, Buffalo (BME K-12 Music Education - Composite)**

Andrew Tyler Dussl, Burnsville (Master of Music Education)

Andrew Kallman, Chaska (B.S. Marketing)

Karimaliz Negron, Cold Spring (A.S. Business Administration)          

Alayna Johnson, Dassel (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Christopher Gerlach, East Bethel (B.S. Human Performance)          

Madison LaTourelle, Grasston (Master of Music Education)

Laura Snyder, Ham Lake (B.S. Management)**        

Rachel Reinke, Hastings (B.S. Chemistry - Forensic Science)*          

Michael Wiesmann, Lake Park (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)

Carl Mathwig, Little Falls (Master of Music Education)         

Joel Pohland, Little Falls (Master of Music Education)

Parker Fox, Mahtomedi (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)**

Ellie Gess, Shakopee (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)**

Makenzie Merritt, Waconia (B.A. Communication Studies)



Tyler Stenger, Imperial (B.S. Management)



Cassandra Maillet, Brandon (M.S.Ed. Counseling - Clinical Mental Health)



Bryce Krattiger, Great Falls (B.S. Human Performance)



Errol Hochstetler, Arthur (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Regan Dennis, Bismarck (B.S. Marketing)

Michael Pfennig, Bismarck (B.S. Finance; Accounting)*        

Grace Woodstead, Cooperstown (BME K-12 Music Education - Vocal)*     

Isaiha Fletcher, Fargo (B.S. Management)    

Andrew Pugliano, Fargo (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration)*

Lexi Jo Hoffman, Forbes (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)

Benjamin Carolin, Grand Forks (B.S. Professional Accountancy)***

Adam Leach, Grand Forks (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Haley Hillstrom, Jamestown (B.S. in Honoribus in Biology)

Emily Reiten, Jamestown (B.S. in Honoribus in Management)**

William Holtan, Kensal (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Kassidy Richter, Monango (B.A. History)***

Casey Solseng, Park River (B.S. Marketing)**

Parker Heger, Underwood (B.S. in Honoribus in Chemistry)***

Amber Windish, Valley City (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)



Brandi Krueger, Cozad (BFA Studio Art)        

Kennady Thompson, Elkhorn (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)

Jared Brugmann, Omaha (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Thomas Stopak, Omaha (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)



Brandt McCall, Camden (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)



Corel Anthony, Bay Village (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Michael Murphy, Martins Ferry (Master of Music Education)



Madison Leapaldt, Bend (B.A. in Honoribus in Spanish; B.S. in Honoribus in Medical Laboratory Science)**



Peter Jamieson Jr., Carlton (B.S. Biology; A.S. Biotechnology)          



Michal Parker, Greer (M.S. Banking and Financial Services)

Malik Jenkins, North Charleston (Master of Music Education)



Betty Austin, Aberdeen (B.S Management)*

Terrina Barnes, Aberdeen (B.S. Biology)*

Madeline Breidenbach, Aberdeen (A.A. General Studies)    

Tierra Cassens, Aberdeen (BME in Honoribus in Music Education)*

Joshua Cox, Aberdeen (B.S. Accounting)*

Jacob Cross, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)

Tina Davis, Aberdeen (A.A. Criminal Justice)

Mathew Fetherhuff, Aberdeen (B.S. Professional Accountancy)

Reilly Fuhrman, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education)

Megan Geist, Aberdeen (B.S. Environmental Science; A.S. Biotechnology)

Jason Goebel, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Counseling - Clinical Mental Health)

Madeleine Gonsoir, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Jayden Gross, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)

Brady Hamer, Aberdeen (B.A. History)

Griffin Hieb, Aberdeen (B.S. Management Information Systems)    

Dakota Hutzler, Aberdeen (B.S. Human Performance)

Jacob Iery, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Crystal Joseph, Aberdeen (M.S. Banking and Financial Services)

Samuel King, Aberdeen (B.A. Government)

Samuel Krapf, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)

Eric Joseph Lacher, Aberdeen (B.S. Management)***

Stephanie Litzen, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Mikayla Markuson, Aberdeen (B.S. Biology)

Thalia Martin, Aberdeen (B.S. Marketing)

Toni Marie Mayer, Aberdeen (B.A. History; B.S. Psychology

Nicholas Mohr, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)*

Joshua Moore, Aberdeen (B.A. Criminal Justice)

Sydney Morton, Aberdeen (B.A. Spanish, International Business Studies)**

Lauren Nikolas, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)***

Gavin Noeldner, Aberdeen (B.S. Management Information Systems)

Jetaime Ochotorena, Aberdeen (A.A. General Studies)

Annika Padgett, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)

Shay Potter, Aberdeen (B.A. Criminal Justice)**

Miranda Schultz, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Counseling - School)

Scott Senftner, Aberdeen (BGS General Studies)

Madalyn Sikkink-Pederson, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Counseling - Clinical Mental Health)

Jaynie Spier, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Jared Taylor, Aberdeen (B.S. Business Administration)

Lane Weeman, Aberdeen (M.S.Ed. Counseling - Clinical Mental Health)

Amelia Whittlinger, Aberdeen (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)

Ezekiel Wills, Aberdeen (B.S. Human Performance; Psychology)*

Alexandra Woytassek, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)

Shantel Yde, Aberdeen (B.S. Psychology)

Delsie Weise, Aurora (B.S. Accounting)*       

Edann Cloos, Big Stone City (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)***

Caryssa Mielitz, Big Stone City (B.S. Management)***

Amy Kueter, Brandon (B.S. Biology)***

Molly Kueter, Brandon (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)*** 

Ashley Schwarz, Brandon (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)*

Shalena Zeller, Brandon (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Michael Zerr, Brandon (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Alec Sigdestad, Bristol (B.S. Management)   

Jordyn Alexis Bortnem, Brookings (B.S.Ed. Special Education)*

Lincoln Flakus, Brookings (B.S. Marketing; Management)**

Samuel McMacken, Brookings (B.S. Marketing)

Eric Pedersen, Brookings (B.S.Ed. Special Education)

Nicholas Ward, Brookings (B.S. Finance)

Kathleen Winghart, Brookings (Master of Music Education)

Patrick Minihan, Canton (B.A. Government)

Kate Finley, Chelsea (BFA Digital Media)*

Cade Larson, Chester (B.S. Business Administration)

Austin Leuning, Crooks (B.S. Human Performance)

Landon Leuning, Crooks (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)

Sara Van Regenmorter, Dell Rapids (B.S.Ed. English)***

Madison Claymore, Doland (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)          

Jamie Cedar, Dupree (M.S.Ed. Counseling - Clinical Mental Health)

Rebecca Zeeb, Emery (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)      

Jonathon Fargher, Eureka (B.S.Ed. History)***

Tomi Jo Hagedorn, Flandreau (B.A. Communication Studies)

Sierra Wieseler, Gettysburg (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Robert Vomacka, Gregory (B.S. Biology)***

Jessica Adler, Groton (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)*

Shane Haley, Groton (M.S.Ed. Counseling - Clinical Mental Health)

Katelyn Koehler, Groton (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)     

Clay Busskohl, Henry (B.S.Ed. Mathematics)*

Adam Henning, Henry (BME K-12 Music Education - Vocal)***

Beth Fjeldheim, Herreid (B.S. Business Administration)

Amanda Schneider, Hosmer (B.S. Psychology)

Be Be Arnar, Huron (A.A. General Studies)

Grant Duvall, Huron (B.A. Criminal Justice)

Elizabeth Katz, Huron (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Victoria Win, Huron (B.S. Psychology)

Naw Moo, Huron (A.A. General Studies)

Tyler Severson, Ipswich (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)   

Joie Spier, Kimball (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)*

Hannah Isaacson, Lake Norden (B.S.Ed. Special Education)

Zac Fries, Langford (B.S. Banking and Financial Services)**

Masen Oltmanns, Lennox (B.S.Ed. Physical Education)

Kory Foss, Menno (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Skyler Jermolenko, Mission (B.S. Psychology)*

Lindsey Bachman, Mobridge (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Jesse Roshau, Mobridge (B.S.Ed. English)***

Killian Warner, Mobridge (B.S. Management)

Steven Schoenfish, Newell (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Hayley Miller, Onida (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)

Witnie Weinheimer, Onida (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)

Rachel Arbach, Pierre (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

William Ellwanger, Pierre (M.S. Accounting Analytics)

Jasmine Louis, Pierre (B.S. Accounting)

Monte Meier, Pierre (A.A. General Studies)

Tori Thorpe, Pierre (B.S. Human Performance)**

Steven Meyer, Presho (B.A. in Honoribus in Government; Criminal Justice)**

Preston Arity, Rapid City (B.S. Management)*

Eric Bishop, Rapid City (B.A. Music)

Shelley Christianson, Rapid City (M.S. Banking and Financial Services)

Patrick McCormack, Rapid City (B.S. Marketing)

Mallory Schoenhard, Rapid City (B.S. Biology)

Morgan Wilson, Rapid City (B.A. Musical Theatre)**

Lauretta Bebo, Redfield (M.S.Ed. Counseling - Clinical Mental Health)

Rae Ford, Redfield (BGS General Studies)

Linda Faner, Sioux Falls (Master of Music Education)

Emeline Glover, Sioux Falls (B.A. English)

Jenna Grismer, Sioux Falls (B.S. Marketing)**

Jenna Helgeson, Sioux Falls (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)  

Dylan Huyser, Sioux Falls (B.S. Banking and Financial Services)

Gabriel King, Sioux Falls (M.S. Banking and Financial Services)

Alicia Merrill, Sioux Falls (M.S.Ed. Teaching and Learning)

Ross Lambley, Sioux Falls (BGS General Studies)      

Melanie McGee, Sioux Falls (B.S. Accounting)

Tyler Nelson, Sioux Falls (B.S. Management)*

Becky Schaefer, Sioux Falls (Master of Music Education)

Kendra Strande, Sioux Falls (B.S. Banking and Financial Services)*

Kylie Werner, Sioux Falls (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Danelle Wigdahl, Sioux Falls (B.A. English)

Joshua Moser, Stickney (B.S. Management Information Systems)   

Kaitlin Hanson, Tea (B.S.Ed. Physical Education)       

Elizabeth Klamm, (B.S.Ed. Biology)**

Sara Scepaniak, Warner (B.S. Marketing)

Paige Bakken, Watertown (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)***

Tanner Berg, Watertown (B.S. Human Performance)           

Kiara Borkhuis, Watertown (B.S.Ed. Special Education)**

Hannah Comes, Watertown (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)

Brock Enderson, Watertown (M.S.Ed. Leadership and Administration)       

Siarra Johnson, Watertown (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)

Alexis Lau, Watertown (B.S. Psychology)       

Colton McClemans, Watertown (B.S.Ed. (Special Education)**

Molly Moes, Watertown (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education)**

Hazel Ohm, Watertown (B.S.Ed. Physical Education)**

Cory Thomas Weeks, Watertown (B.S.Ed. History)

Haley Johnson, Webster (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)*

Mariah Graff, Wentworth (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education; Special Education)**

Nicolette Schmidt, Willow Lake (B.S.Ed. Special Education)

Hannah Elizabeth Peterson, Winner (B.S. Business Administration)

Micala Bishop, Wolsey (B.S. Business Administration)         

Matthew Wolf, Worthing (B.S. Sport Marketing and Administration; Human Performance)**

Kyra Liebig, Yankton (B.S.Ed. Elementary Education)**

Steven McKee, Yankton (M.S.Ed. Sport Performance and Leadership)



Tony Mangialetti, New Canton (B.A. English)

Zachary Cooke, Richmond (Master of Music Education)



Kelson Brewer, Stanwood (B.A. English; B.S. Psychology)*



Natalie Gabbert, Glenwood City (B.S. Human Performance)

Megan Winghart, Whitewater (M.S.Ed. Educational Studies)



Lara Cline, Wheeling (Master of Music Education)



Adela Alinani, Albania (B.S. Finance; Accounting)

Vanisa Petriti, Albania (B.S. in Honoribus in Biology and Chemistry; A.S. in Biotechnology)**^^

Emily Charchuk, Canada (B.S. Marketing)

Roko Dominovic, Croatia (B.S. in Honoribus in Psychology)***

Thomas Haile, Ethiopia (M.S.Ed. Educational Studies)

Betser Roney, Haiti (M.S. Accounting Analytics)

Iyana Vernon, Jamaica (A.A. General Studies)

Abdullah Algharaqan, Saudi Arabia (B.S. Chemistry - Forensic Science)

Zahra Almubsher, Saudi Arabia (B.S. Chemistry - Forensic Science; Biology)

Rahshek'ka Titre, Virgin Islands (Master of Music Education)


***Candidate for Summa Cum Laude

**Candidate for Magna Cum Laude

*Candidate for Cum Laude

^^^Candidate for Highest Honor

^^Candidate for High Honor

^Candidate for Honor


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