ShyAnn Springer receives SR Education Group scholarship for study abroad

ABERDEEN, S.D. – Northern State University College of Arts and Sciences student ShyAnn Springer recently received a $5,000 scholarship from the SR Education Group to study abroad in Japan.

Springer is a junior English major with an emphasis in TESOL from Bradley, S.D.

To receive this scholarship, Springer answered two open-ended, personal questions that were evaluated by a panel of judges. Students who wrote the most persuasive, compelling, and well-written arguments were considered finalists.

“In my essays, I talked about how I see myself in Japan figuring out my teaching style and inspiring students to pursue English,” said Springer. “I emphasized that my goal is to make a difference and that I will do whatever it takes to help students learn.”

Springer was one of four students chosen to receive this need-based scholarship and also wrote about the jobs she has to hold to pay for her schooling.

“I pay for school by having four jobs. My parents don't pay for my schooling because they always emphasized that if I wanted to go, I would have to do it myself,” said Springer. “I emphasized that it is a choice to work so many hours, but I do have to sacrifice time with my family for my education. Overall, I think it is important to give examples and show how dedicated you are to make applications more personable and persuasive.”

Springer will visit Tokyo, Japan, from July 15 to Aug. 2, and will be participating in a Japanese language program at Meiji University. She hopes to gain a better understanding of Japanese grammar during her visit, and will focus on her Japanese language skills in hopes of presenting herself on even ground with her future students.

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