Continuing Education

Whether it's attending a workshop or enrolling in a course at an off-campus center, continue your education with NSU! Northern offers numerous workshops throughout the year, including the annual Back-to-School Workshop for educators.

Renewal Credit General Definitions

  • Transcript Credit – Registering and completing university-level courses
  • Continuing Education Units (CEU) - The IACET and U.S. Department of Education task force defined the CEU standard of measurement as: 1 CEU = 10 contact hours
  • Continuing Education Contact Hours (CECH) – Based on 60 minutes of instruction


Fall 2019


MUS 592: Tp: Music Education Techniques Instrument Day

Credit: 1 

Course Dates: Nov. 6 - Nov. 25

Meeting Dates: Nov. 6, 2019 – Johnson Fine Arts Center, Aberdeen S.D. 

Last day to register: Nov. 7

Drop with refund: Nov. 8




Spring 2020


These courses, available at the graduate or undergraduate level, are each offered for five weeks in the spring. Cost per credit is $351.25 (undergraduate) or $465.80 (graduate). 


DRED 4/560 - Driver and Traffic Safety Education

Credits: 3

Course Dates: Jan. 13–Feb. 14, 2020



DRED 4/580 - Special Methods in the Teaching of Driver Education

Credits: 3

Course Dates: Feb. 17– March 20, 2020



DRED 591 - IS: Curriculum & Instruction

Credits: 2

Course Dates: March 23– April 24, 2020