Past Women in Science Conference Speakers

  • Dr. Amy Hiuser (keynote) - "Stop the Bleed Training" Sanford surgeon
  • Ms. Madison Smith - Dental hygienist, Aberdeen Dental Associates
  • Ms. Holly Marshall-Heber - Agriculture owner/operator, M&H Land & Cattle
  • Ms. Jenn Gustafson - Occupational therapist
  • Ms. Sonia Lamont - Labor and delivery nurse, Sanford
  • Ms. Angela Williams - PA-C, Sanford
  • Ms. Laura Hubers - Wildlife biologist, US Fish & Wildlife Service
  • Dr. Courtney Waid-Lindberg - Associate professor, sociology and criminal justice, NSU



  • ​Cancelled because of inclement weather



  • Keynote:  Stephanie Arne,  Host of Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom
  • Melissa Brown M.D., Sanford Aberdeen
  • Dr. Aleaha Fettig, DDS, Aberdeen Smiles
  • Tessa Howard and Martina Kittleson-Caviness, pilot/airplane mechanic
  • Britt Locken, respiratory therapist, Sanford Aberdeen
  • Marne Neiger, electrical engineer, Horsch LLC
  • Rebecca Rich, AuD, audiology
  • Ryanne Waage, PA, dermatology



  • Keynote: Dr. Ashley Podhradsky, Assistant Professor of IA and Forensics MS Information Assurance and Computer Security Program Coordinator Dakota State University, Madison, SD
  • Janne Jockheck Holt, NSU Lab Instructor/Manager, Room 201
  • Mandy/Tiffany Hofer, Funeral Directors, Luce, Luze & Rock Funeral Homes, Room 204
  • Jordan Voss-Severson Registered Nurse, Sanford Aberdeen Medical Center, Room 239
  • Nadine Gropp, 3M Plant Manager, 3M Aberdeen, SD, Room 241
  • Briana Mount, Sanford Lab, Underground Campus, Research Assistant Physics, BHSU, Room 244
  • Sue Lancaster, VP Corporate Development & Strategy, SD Innovation Partners Sioux Falls, SD, Room 245
  • Megan Piatz, Nuclear Medicine/Radiologic Technologist, Sanford Aberdeen Medical Center, Room 246



  • Keynote, Mikala Simon, DPT​, Physical Therapist, Sanford Clinic, Aberdeen
  • Anne Erdmann, Science Teacher, Eureka School District
  • Brooke Edga, Civil Engineer, Helms and Associates, Aberdeen
  • Dr. Angela Hase, OD, Optometrist, Aberdeen
  • Darcie Mennenga, CRNA, Nurse Anesthetist, Sanford Hospital, Aberdeen
  • Dr. Sarah Preszler, DVM, Veterinarian, Northern Plains Animal Health, Aberdeen
  • Megan Stever, Civil Engineer, SD Dept. of Transportation, Sioux Falls
  • Dr. Brittany Sutton, DC, Chiropractor, Aberdeen Chiropractic, Aberdeen



  • Nicole Walter, health and wellness/fitness, KSFY, Room 101
  • Megan Steever, road design engineer, South Dakota Department of Transportation, Room 102
  • Dr. Bongi Rudder, hematology/oncology, Sanford, Room 103A
  • Dawn Birkla-Mauk, lead flight nurse, Avera St. Luke€™'s Hospital, Room 103B€
  • Laura Carlson, quality seed manager, SGS North American, Room 105
  • Dr. Jessica Dickes, physician/women'€™s health, Avera St. Luke'€™s, Room 107
  • Candace Briscoe, chemist/skin care, Profiling Beauty, Room 134


  • Lisa Kopecky, Nutritionist, Sanford Health, Aberdeen
  • Christina Kopetsky, Speech Pathologist, Sanford Health, Aberdeen
  • Kimberly McGraw Clark, Program Advisor, Spink County Extension Office
  • Chelsea Pollreisz, Forensic Scientist, State Forensic Lab, Pierre
  • Heather Spect, Forensic Scientist, State Forensic Lab, Pierre
  • Darcy Swanson, Pharmacist, Sanford Health, Aberdeen
  • Carolyn Trautman, Geological Engineering, Aberdeen



  • Keynote speaker was Jill Gilardi, storm chaser/meteorologist from Omaha, Neb.
  • Terry Piatz, hematology/medical lab science, NSU;
  • Dana Althoff, horticulturist, Park View Nursery, Aberdeen;
  • Dr. Adela Casas-Melley, chief pediatric surgeon, Sanford Children's Specialty Clinic, Sioux Falls;
  • Laura Edwards, climate field specialist, SDSU Extension, Aberdeen;
  • Tammy Gottman, child life specialist, Sanford Aberdeen Medical Center;
  • Carrie Kindopp, child life specialist, Sanford Children's Hospital, Sioux Falls;
  • Dr. Carrie Orn, dentist, Orn & McDaniel Family Dentistry, Ellendale, N.D.;
  • Dawn Ottman, wind energy, CanDew Scientific, Lemmon.



  • Keynote: Jill Gilardi, Meteorologist/Storm Chaser - Omaha, Nebraska
  • Carrie Orn, Dentist, Orn & McDaniel
  • Dawn Ottman,Inventor/Wind Energy, CanDew Scientific
  • Terry Piatz, Medical Lab Scientist, Northern State University
  • Dana Althoff,Horticulturist, Parkview Nursery
  • Laura Edwards,Climate Field Specialist, SDSU
  • Adela Casas-Melley, Pediatric Surgeon, Sanford Health
  • Carrie Kindopp and Tammy Gottman, Child Life Specialists,Sanford Health


  • Keynote: Jaimie Stricker - Zoo Educator, Bramble Park Zoo, Watertown SD
  • Kelly Erdmann - Dental Hygienist, Aberdeen Dental Associates
  • Shirley Gengerke Guthmiller - Pharmacist/Pharmaceutical Rep., Bayer Corp
  • Dr. Alyssa Kiesow - Assistant Professor of Biology, Northern State University
  • Buffy King - Architect, HKG Architects
  • Pam Liechti - Clinical Instructor, Radiology Technology Program at Presentation College
  • Peggy Norris - Nuclear Engineer, Sanford Underground Laboratory at Homestake / Black Hills State Univ.
  • Deirdra Peck - Computer Electronics Engineer, Shalom Christian School, previously at McDonnell Aircraft



  • Jaime Stricker, Zoo Educator, Bramble Park Zoo, Watertown, SD (Keynote Speaker)
  • Deb Davies, RN, MS, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Presentation College, Aberdeen
  • Erin Fouberg, Associate Professor of Geography, Northern State University, Aberdeen
  • Jan Palmer, Teacher, Central High School. Aberdeen
  • Jesse Ritka, Meteorologist, KDLT-TV, Sioux Falls
  • Dr. Shawna Schmidt, MD, Anesthesiologist, Aberdeen
  • Dr. Kristen Teigen, DDS, Aberdeen Dental Associates
  • Alecia Wood, Engineer, 3M Aberdeen