Studio Art

Northern's Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with studio art emphasis is designed to take you and your art to a professional level.

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Studio Art

The BFA in Studio Art degree program prepares you to excel in highly technical areas of art, including:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture

It's the perfect gateway to attending graduate school for a master of fine arts degree (MFA) or doctorate in art education degree.

With this profressional degree, you'll have the opportunity to investigate visual and aesthetic discourse in your own artistic practice and in the context of history and contemporary culture. Because a BFA requires more art studio and art history courses, you'll engage with your discipline on a professional level, preparing you for careers in art fields or for graduate studies. Because of the critical studies required in art courses, you'll become a creative problem solver and evolve into a natural leader - unleashing your career potential.

The program offers three areas of emphasis:

1. 2D art such as paintings, drawings, prints, and photography

2. 3D art such as computer models, animations, and sculptures

3. Interdisciplinary media such as photo imaging and technology-based art

With a solid foundation gained early in the program among media, styles, and methodology, followed by challenging classes with a focus on your individual interests, you'll have plenty of time and opportunity to grow your artistic practice before entering the workforce.





A BFA in Digital Media presents several potential career paths, including designer, art director, arts manager, independent artist, museum facilitator, and curator. According to Americans for the Arts72 percent of all employers say that creativity and critical thinking are necessary characteristics of  business leaders and that creativity is the No. 1 skill they seek when hiring.



The art department offers a variety of competitive, merit-based awards. Scholarship assistance requires strong academic performance, minimum GPA of 3.0, and demonstrated potential for academic and career success. Scholarships also are available for minority students and students who excel in specific art disciplines or media.

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