With a degree in German from NSU, students can speak, read, write, and understand this important language fluently.

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Knowledge of German culture, history, and literature sharpens your skills in critical thinking, creativity, communication, and teamwork: skills you need for jobs in most any field.

A major in German can complement nearly any other major. Focused training in German translation and business communication complement emphasis on the cultural accomplishments of the German-speaking world. 

The ability to communicate effectively in another language such as German, and to function in a culture different from one's own, is of critical importance in today's global economy and society.

At NSU, all German courses are available face-to-face and online. We also offer study abroad opportunities through our partner schools in Magdeburg and Schmalkalden, Germany.



Employment of graduates of foreign language programs is mainly concentrated in the private, for-profit sector, including businesses and corporations; and the education sector, mostly as secondary school teachers. However, familiarity and experience with German language and culture can advance the career aspirations of anyone who seeks to succeed as a professional in the global economy.

Potential job titles include elementary, middle, and high school teachers; interpreters; news analysts, reporters, and correspondents; postsecondary teachers, writers, editors and translators.

For more information on careers in your major or help choosing a major, contact the NSU Career Center.


German majors should consider taking the GER 494 Internship in German course in order to gain valuable professional skills in document research and translation as a part of their program and career training. NSU is home to a growing Germans-from-Russia documents collection, which allows students to undertake internships involving the transcription, translation, and researching of these documents.

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German Club scholarships are awarded annually to recognize excellence in German study at all levels.

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