Political Science

NSU's political science majors graduate with comprehensive knowledge of the American political system, the philosophy behind political activity, and the way politics work in a global environment.

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Political Science

In this program, you’ll learn to write and argue concisely and effectively - valuable skills in virtually any career. Most graduates end up in law, government, politics, and business.

The political science program combines in-class knowledge with practical experience. Professors stress strong reading and writing skills and the ability to discuss ideas.

At NSU, political science study takes place in a student-centered environment, where the course of study is tailored to your individual needs. Small class size allows for a more dynamic learning experience, in which faculty members get to know each student. We place students in the right courses and internships designed to promote success.

Political science majors often earn a graduate degree or attend law school. Learn more at NSU Graduate Studies and NSU Preprofessional Programs.



The majority of political science graduates with a bachelor's degree work for private, for-profit businesses in sales, marketing, media, upper-level management and administration. Many are self-employed or work in federal, state or local government organizations, including legislative and judicial bodies, departments of labor and justice, and local government. Others work as elementary or secondary school teachers.

Potential job titles include community organizer and activist, government executive, legislator, post-secondary teacher, public interest advocate, and public interest lawyer, writer, editor or public relations specialist.

For more information on careers in your major or help choosing a major, contact the NSU Career Center.


NSU political science students have interned at the White House and in the U.S. Senate and South Dakota Legislature. NSU political science majors are encouraged to pursue such internships.

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