Self-Service Banner FAQs

For general assistance, please contact the Support Desk at 626-2283, or Tech Center 148.



What is Self-Service Banner (SSB)?

Self-Service Banner (SSB) is Northern’s new student information and registration system.  With SSB, you can view your schedule, grades, transcript, student account and financial aid information, and pay tuition (tuition payment available in May 2019). 


How do I access SSB?

Access from:

  • SNAP -- Student tab -- Student Registration
  • The myNSU login page under "Self-Service Banner." After choosing a link, sign in with your Wolves email and password, then select the STUDENT tab and click Student Registration.
  • The myNSU homepage

Who can use SSB to register?

All students can use SSB to search course offerings and plan schedules, but not every student can use the system to register themselves for classes.


If you are eligible for SSB and know which classes you want, you can log in to register any time after the time specified on your Time Ticket.  Students who are in a restricted category or have holds will be stopped from registering online.


How do I know if I am in a restricted category?

To check for holds, log in to SSB then Registration Menu -- Prepare for Registration.


High school dual credit students are restricted and will be enrolled by the HSDC coordinator at NSU. 


What do I do if I have holds?

Advisor holds restrict a student and are assigned to freshmen, sophomores and some programs at the request of the advisor/department.  Students with an advisor hold should see their advisor.


Other reasons for holds may be related to accounts receivable or incomplete admissions files.  If you have a hold, contact your advisor or the Registrar’s Office for assistance.  Once the hold has ended, you will be able to register.


Once holds are resolved, how do I register for classes?

Registration for Summer 2019 and beyond is done in SSB.  Students who were active in Spring 2019 can use WebAdvisor to view their program evaluation (which will only include courses taken through Spring 2019).  Program requirements can also be found in the course catalog.  Make an appointment with your advisor - even if you don’t have an advisor hold - for help planning your classes.


When can I register?

Spring 2020 registration opens Oct. 28, 2019. Your own registration times may vary based on your time ticket; see Registration -- Prepare for Registration.


What is a Time Ticket?

Current students are assigned a Time Ticket in SSB. It specifies the earliest date and time you can register, based on credits earned.  Find your Time Ticket at SSB -- Registration Menu -- Prepare for Registration.  


How do I browse classes?

Select the Term -- Continue.  Select Northern State University in the University field.


Select a location in the Location/Online field: Online, NSU Main Campus, or both.  Huron students may select Huron as a location. 


Click Search and all NSU classes for the semester will appear.  To refine results, enter Subjects, Course Numbers, or Open Sections Only, or use Advanced Search.


How do I build my schedule?

Build your schedule by selecting classes that meet at your preferred days and times. Note the CRN number for your selected class to enter later in the Register for Classes option. In this option, entering the CRN numbers will add the classes to your summary, which you can then submit to register.


I wrote down a CRN - how do I register for that course?

Go to Registration -- Register for Classes. Once you select a term, click on the Enter CRNs tab.


How do I use the Plan Ahead feature?

Plan Ahead Tutorial (PDF)

Select the term, then search for sections using the fields provided. 


After the initial list of classes appears, click on View Sections. As you cannot yet choose your university or location, you must check either the university field for Northern classes or the section number.  All NSU sections begin with N.  NSU online courses begin with NT. 


As you choose sections, they appear on the grids as in Register for Classes. 


When done, save as a Plan.  Each student can save two plans.  Later, when your Time Ticket becomes current, go to Register -- Plans and select your plan.  The courses will appear, and you may remove or register for those classes.


How do I register for classes?

Registration Tutorial (video)

Registration Tutorial (PDF)

If your Time Ticket is in the future, please use Plan Ahead (above).


If your Time Ticket is current, go to Registration -- Register for Classes. Select Term -- Continue.  Select Northern State University in the University field. 


Select the appropriate Location in the Location/Online field: Online, NSU Main Campus, or both.  Huron students may select Huron as a location.  Click Search and all NSU classes for the semester will appear.  You can enter Subjects, Course Numbers, or Open Sections Only to refine results, or select Advanced Search.


From the class list, click Add for each you wish to take.  They will appear on the Class Schedule grid so you can see times and avoid conflicts, and on the summary area as Pending.  Remove or add classes to your schedule until you are satisfied. 


Click Submit and you will be registered in the classes.  


What if I need to change my schedule?

To change to different sections of the same course, go to Register for Classes. If you need to make more significant changes, see your advisor.


How do I know what classes I still need?

You or your advisor can access worksheets, sometimes called program evaluations or degree audits, through Degree Works.  These are available in preliminary form to assist you with spring 2020 registration planning and advising. 


See the Program Evaluation Degree Works Worksheet for more information on the content.


See Viewing the Degree Works Worksheet to help you locate the worksheet in SSB.


Spring 2020 registration for current students runs Oct. 28-Nov. 15.


What if I get an error message?

Contact your advisor or the Registrar’s Office, or OCE for online students.  Be careful to avoid classes for which you have not completed prerequisites.  


Where can I get help?

Get hands-on assistance from NSU tech fellows at TC 148; call the Tech Support Desk at 626-2283; email; or seek help from advisors and staff in departmental offices.


What if a class is full?

Some classes will have waitlist spots available.


What can an advisor do for me?

Advisors can help you with class selection and program evals, remove an advisor hold, and help you choose classes. However, you must enroll yourself.


Why didn’t my changes save?

Did you press submit? If you did, are there holds on your account? Check at Registration -- Prepare for Registration.


Why did I get logged out?

For privacy, you will be logged out after 5 minutes of inactivity.


Can I still use WebAdvisor?

Students enrolled in spring 2019 or earlier terms can still access WebAdvisor, but academic records, including unofficial transcripts, should now be in SSB.