Technology Services Catalog

Technology Services provides computer and other technical support for Northern students and faculty. 

Hours are 7:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday during fall and spring semesters and 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday in the summer.


Contact us for your tech support needs - we can help!


Services for Students, Staff and Faculty


Computer Repair

We can repair computer systems, including any computer or smartphone. Hardware charges may apply.

Repairs include:

  • Replacing broken screens
  • Replacing broken keyboards
  • Replacing hard drives
  • Expanding computer memory
  • Replacing batteries

Contact Tech Services 605-626-2283, or stop by the help desk at TC 148. 



Software Support

Technology Services provides end user device support to staff and faculty for desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, and mobile devices.

Services include:

  • Antivirus installation
  • System recovery (Windows and Mac OSX)
  • Microsoft Office installation
  • Printer access
  • Retrieving data from crashed hard drives

Contact NET Services 605-626-2283 or stop by the support desk at TC 148.



myNSU Portal Support

myNSU offers campus-only information and resources, including access to:

  • Announcements
  • Email, SNAP, D2L and Self-Service Banner

You also can request:

  • A campus-only web site for your department
  • Campus-only team sites for committees and councils, student organizations, employee teams, project teams and more. Access can be restricted to designated groups.

Email or submit a request at




Black-and-white printing is available in all NSU computer rooms. The open-access computer labs also offer color printing. Visit myNSU for printer locations and downloads.


Faculty and staff can access Hewlett Packard Managed Printing Services information HERE.


Computer Labs/Classrooms

NET Services supports six discipline-specific computer classrooms for campus use.   These include labs for business, graphic design, music keyboarding, and physics. These computer labs are used exclusively for students taking classes in those academic disciplines. Apart from class sessions, the discipline-specific labs are inaccessible unless supervised by faculty.



D2L Support

Brightspace by D2L is an online tool to access your individual class materials..

  • Training on D2L’s tools and interface
  • Training on third-party applications in D2L
  • Navigating D2L
  • Log in and technical issues with D2L support

Training sessions are held during faculty in-service and student orientation.  For individual training sessions, call 626-2283 or stop by the Instructional Design office in TC 159.


Zoom Web Conferencing Training

Need to schedule or learn how to set up an online conference or meeting? Call 626-2283 for training on Zoom, an online conferencing tool that provides video, web, and audio conferencing (both device-based and phone) capabilities.


Office 365 Training

NSU has an enterprise license for the Microsoft Office 365 online environment.  Students, faculty and staff all have access to the basic office applications.  Faculty and staff have access to more advanced applications.  For training call626-2283 or stop by the Instructional Design office at TC 159.


Security Support

 If you think you've been a target of potential computer security issues like phishing emails or other scams, we can help. Don't reply to suspicious emails or click on any links. Contact NET Services at 626-2283, email or stop by the Support Desk at TC 148.


Self-Service Banner (SSB)


Self-Service Banner enables students to enroll in NSU courses.

  •  For technical issues with SSB, please call 626-2283. 
  • For questions about registration, contact the Registrar's Office at 626-2012.

Google Apps

Students have access to Google Apps through their NSU email credentials.  For information or assistance, contact the Support Desk at 626-2283.



Services for Staff and Faculty



We can create mobile-friendly fillable forms, email results and generate reports for surveys, event registrations and a variety of other data-gathering purposes. We also can convert existing forms to a mobile-friendly, clean-design format using versatile Formstack software.


You may also request creation of forms through which users can submit payment (approval is required).


Choose "Forms" from the drop-down at



Contact Instructional Design to:

  • Get help with PDF issues
  • Get training to create functional, effective PDFs
  • Learn to make your PDF accessible to users with disabilities

Submit a request at to make your PDF into a mobile- and presentation-friendly online "book."


With Flipping Book software, your PDF could include:

  • Live links
  • Video
  • Table of contents
  • Share/post on social media or through QR code



Digital Phone Support

Visit myNSU IPT/VOIP Support or contact the Support Desk for assistance with your digital phone.


Quality Assurance Program

To ensure Northern's online courses meet a high standard, each course goes through a quality assurance program required by the Office of Continuing Education and administered by Instructional Design.  This program is designed to ensure:

  • Clear course progression through the semester
  • Access to course materials
  • Assignment and quiz dates for students to stay on top of their work
  • Area for peer-to-peer-to-instructor communications

For more information, call 626-2283.


Software License Coordination

Software license coordination is responsible for managing and distributing campuswide software licenses.  The service includes monitoring usage, vendor management to negotiate and obtain best value, and distributing costs to various campus departments.


For information, contact Technology Services at 626-2283, or stop by the Support Desk at TC 148.


Instructional Support

The Instructional Design department specializes in course design, education technology training and support, and support for the faculty eLearning studio.

Our services include:

  • Online course structure support
  • Effective teaching strategies
  • Educational technology support and training

Call 626-2283 or stop by the Instructional Design office in Technology Center 159.


Panopto Lecture Recording Training

Record your lectures with Panopto Video Capture.

  • Contact Media Services 605-626-3313 to set up an account
  • Contact Instructional Design 605-626-2283 for training

Smart Room Support

Media Services provides technical support for all NSU smart classrooms.


For assistance, contact Media Services 626-3313.


Video Production Services

Media Services specializes in academic and research-based video production services, including

  • Classroom lecture capture
  • Studio recordings
  • Single and multi-camera recordings of seminars and special campus events
  • Live webcasting
  • Content development for online learning modules
  • faculty e-Learning studio support

Contact Media Services at 626-3313.


Audio-Visual Support for Presentations and Events

Media Services provides audio/visual consultation and support for events that require professional sound, presentation support, video, or any other special event technical needs.


Services provided:

  • Projector setup
  • Livestreaming/broadcasting for events

Contact Media Services 626-3313.


IT Equipment Checkout

IT equipment is available for checkout from the Tech Support Desk at TC 148 - call 626-2283 or email Equipment available includes:

  • Laptops
  • Digital cameras
  • Video cameras
  • Projectors